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Cream and White Clothes
Doorless Wardrobe

Feeling overwhelmed when you look at your closet? Constantly think you have nothing to wear? Is your closet overflowing with items with tags? Is your closet too bare for your tastes? Then, it’s time for a Closet Clean Out and Wardrobe Consultation!

Tashmark can assist in giving you a whole new perspective on your existing wardrobe. This service includes:

  • A free phone or video call  consultation 

  • A closet edit to determine what should be kept, donated, sold, or tailored.

  • Style assessment to help define your personal style

  • A list of recommended items to purchase to round out your wardrobe

Please contact us for pricing see rates below. Typically the closet edit will take 4-5 hours. Make an appointment today. Get organized and love your clothing space.

Folding Clothes


Some closet clean-out items are sellable depending on their condition. If you choose to have Tashmark sell your items, we offer various rates based on how many items you have to sell. Please contact us for your free estimate. 

Folding Clothes
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